Day 2: Trump guinea pigs and goth butterflies

Today was jam packed with sightseeing. We began by peering through the gates of the Royal Palace, housing the Malaysian Royal Family. Their palace was covered in gold, matching their costumes which can be seen on posters throughout Kuala Lumpur.


Next stop on the tour was Kuala Lumpur’s Green Belt, which is home to an array of wildlife parks. First up was the butterfly park, reminding Tarryne of a similar one on the Isle of Wight. Incidentally, I think that might have been the one my brother screamed and ran away from when he was a toddler. Anyway, it was beautiful, albeit humid. One butterfly even landed on me! Managed to get a few good snaps of the others.


The butterfly park also had an unintentionally hilarious museum. Whilst in equal measures gross and educational, it also provoked a considerable amount of chuckles from guests. See the quirky captions below.

Yep, great hairdo. I call it “The Trump”.

Trundling on down the hill, we visited one of Kuala Lumpur’s most famous attractions, the massive bird park. An impressive aviary filled with beautiful, colourful birds, I can’t help but feel the wonderful sight was lost on me. Sometimes I wonder if I am like Karl Pilkington – after all, if you’ve seen one bird, you’ve basically seen them all. Did see a pelican devouring a fish though, so swings and roundabouts.

On our way further down the hill, we came across a most bizarre landmark. We all know what Stonehenge looks like out on Salisbury Plain, but do we know what it looks like outside a planetarium in Malaysia? I certainly didn’t expect to find that out today. Here it is in its full glory.

Moving on past the modernist National Mosque, we discovered the world’s fanciest police station. Compared to the Poole po-po station next to our old high school, this place practically looks like a palace.


Back to the apartment for a couple of hours, until our evening’s outing to the Petronas Towers. We learned the hard way to always carry an umbrella during rainy season: we got caught in a tropical rainstorm with only our thin rain macs for protection. We arrived in the foyer of KLCC looking very much like drowned rats.


On the plus side, we found a mall inside. This mall contained an M&S. The M&S contained my favourite veggie sweets, and I got much too excited. It reminded me of going to M&S in Staines and bulk-buying them. Not sure why I got excited about something I could easily find in the UK, but it’s always nice to have some small reminders of home when you’re abroad.

Finally, it was time to go up the towers. A quick stop to the toilets to dry ourselves off first, though. Who should we see but Trump II: the Cockroach monster? Considering this is one of the most prestigious buildings on the planet, I wasn’t that impressed, but they seem to be a widespread problem in the region.

After escaping Trump, we visited the Skybridge, hundreds of metres above the street. Not for any vertigo sufferers, we watched the sun set over the city with a totally unbeatable view, and even caught sight of our apartment building.


This impressive view was soon dwarfed by the view from the 86th floor. We had a quick chat with one of the attendants, who told us about his attempts to capture time lapse videos of the sunset from the top. He also took us into a staff toilet to have a look at what he thought was the best view, although truth be told, the tower looks equally great from all angles.


On the way down from the top, I was sent a gift from heaven. My wet body was finally able to dry itself off using the power of the household fan. Tarryne turned it into a fantastic photo op:


I certainly felt a lot better after drying off, at any rate.

Bottom line: The Petronas Towers are a must-do in Kuala Lumpur, and although a little expensive to visit, they’re nothing compared to places like the Empire State Building. Anaab had told us to visit at sunset, as she had lived in KL for a year, and she was totally right. What better way to end the day than to watch the night fall over the city you’ve just spent hours and hours trekking around?








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