Day 4: Clash of the thunderstorms

After our trip to the markets yesterday, we opted to venture out once again into the unknown. I was on the hunt for a fake designer watch for my friend, but didn’t want to pay the extortionate prices. Had we been any other nationality, including other European nationals like Greeks, we’d probably be better at haggling than we actually were. Still, we did quite well. Tarryne managed to get the price from 220 ringgit to 40 ringgit each. Perhaps Anaab would be proud of us. We probably could have got it for lower if we’d stood there long enough, but we did have other places to go, people to see etc.

Since we didn’t get much time yesterday to look at the central market, we went back inside for a closer inspection. The atmosphere here was very different to Chinatown proper – partly because it was divided by country, but also most of the shops we saw were run by women. We chatted to a nice Indian lady, as well as Malay and Chinese ladies. It was a very pleasant atmosphere – perhaps not the sort of place you’d haggle, but the sort of place you’d while away the hours browsing and chatting. Business transactions felt much more comfortable with these ladies than they did with the sexist/creepy blokes outside. Definitely well worth a visit, if you’re looking to shop ’til you drop buying pashminas, fans, and artisan handbags.


Tarryne at “Malay Street”.

Later on, we braved the foreboding grey skies to visit the KL Menara, essentially the city’s very own version of the CN Tower in Toronto. You get fantastic views of the city, as you’re right in the middle of all the high-rises, plus the Petronas Towers are clearly visible. At least, on a clear day. Rainstorms from the east and the west descended over the skyline, and met in the middle with an almighty clang of thunder.


Rainstorm ahoy!

Since the storm showed no sign of letting up, we walked (or rather swam) to our next stop, a skyline bar called the Heli Lounge close to the metro station. When it’s not tipping it down, patrons can enjoy cocktails on an active helipad, enjoying unbeatable views of the city. However, since today it was closed, we sat by the window and watched the storm envelope the Petronas Towers.


I am the world’s worst photographer, so I apologise for my shoddy workmanship.

Tomorrow, we will finally venture out of the city centre to explore the Batu Caves and a bit of the local jungle. I’ll make sure to pack plenty of DEET – or else I shall be thoroughly consumed by hungry, evil mosquitoes. Ciao!

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