Day 6: Malaysian School Play

Before our journey to Penang, a chilled day in KL seemed a good idea.

Our first stop was KLCC, the main conference centre of the city, boasting three huge malls, the Petronas towers, and a park. I feel a bit bad for dragging Tarryne round all the malls, but we keep needing to stock up on water, as we drink like fish. That, and we’re too scared to drink the tap water here, as we feel it might disagree with our Western bodies.

At KLCC, there was an extremely pleasant park just outside the mall. Fountains, playgrounds, and even kids’ pools adorned the side of an artificial lake. But that wasn’t the most interesting thing about our trip to the park – no. For the second time, Tarryne and I featured in the selfie of a random stranger, as she and her friends had asked to take photographs with us. This is down to one of two things. Either I’ve been mistaken for Taylor Swift again (happens a lot in the US), or unchaperoned white women are a novelty in this part of the world. It’s harmless enough, but I’d really like to know what their photo captions say. “Met these people today! #ilovewhiteys” or “Me and my new pals #pastypeople”


Our last outing in KL was to “MUD the Musical” an hour-long entertainment show based around the history of the city. It began as a mining town, and after numerous natural disasters, eventually became a major capital. The production was quite small, and there were only about 15 people in the theatre, which made things more awkward when I heard that there would be audience interaction. “oh no”, I groaned, praying that they wouldn’t actually break the fourth wall to humiliate me. Tarryne was dragged up on stage three times, but I managed to escape it! She seemed to enjoy herself though, and it’s a memory we’ll share for a long time.

She chatted to some of the cast members, and when she said we were from England, one of them said “the land of Shakespeare”. I imagine that as actors they have the same reverence for the Bard that Western actors do, but truth be told I’ve never understood the fixation with him. When they asked if Tarryne was single, she said she was not and pointed to me, revealing my lonesome position. To be honest, I’m a bit sad that none of the good looking cast members tried to talk to me after the show, even though we saw them in the lobby. We’ve had so many catcalls, it would have been nice to have had a solicited one for a change.


Tarryne and the MUD cast.

Speaking of, Tarryne and I were ambushed at our hotel pool by a group of Malaysian lads wanting to take selfies with us. I think we might be famous in SE Asia now. Oh well. Off to the Sunway Putra for a final time to pick up some breakfast supplies, and what should we find, but Greek orange juice?


My Greek nationalist sensibilities are going into complete overdrive.

We said our goodbyes to Kuala Lumpur, but because we are coming back in a few weeks, it wasn’t too mournful. See you soon, KL!

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