Day 7: Why do I always get the day-flight recliners?

Begrudgingly arising at half past five this morning for our flight, we journeyed to Penang, an island in the north of Malaysia. The flight was about 45 minutes, so not long at all, but I still had some git recline their seat the whole way as soon as the seatbelt sign flashed off. Why does this always happen to me?

Mustn’t grumble (she says sarcastically).

Anyway, we landed and got the bus to George Town, where we’re staying. Not much to report, really. We got on the Hop-On-Hop-Off, but because the traffic was so heavy (everybody is rushing home for the first fast-breaking of Ramadan this evening), we got off and walked back to our hotel. We’ll try again tomorrow.


George Town is a nice old colonial town, with a distinctive Chinese feel.

In keeping with the massive Chinese community here, we went for Chinese food for dinner. There was an 100% vegan Chinese place called Zhu Yuan, and also completely onion free, so it was basically a dream come true. Tarryne and I had a total feast, including fake chicken satays. The last ones were we had in Brighton all the way back in March – for Vegfest. Any of my RHUL Vegsoc peeps will know which chicken satay I mean! (NB: Loving Hut)

As well as the cheapest meal, it might have been the most delicious. The experience was enhanced by the fact the Chinese family running the place took pity on us silly Westerners. They explained very carefully the details of the menu, and when they saw us struggling with chopsticks, tried to help us learn how to use them – i.e. not giving ourselves repetitive strain injury. The elderly head of the household also tried to point out which sauces went best with which dish, but Tarryne and I were confused by the sheer amount of sauce choice.

Upon leaving the restaurant, we saw some other white folk had sat down in the restaurant. I hope they enjoy the more ‘authentic’ experience as much as we did – you don’t get that in your average Chinese takeaway at home!

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