Day 9: Air steward falls over in aisle and runs to seat, Alice looks on nervously

Today we got up stupidly early to catch our flight to Langkawi. It was only about half an hour, but it was very rough. As we sat in the terminal building, I noticed a storm cloud pass over, which we caught up with during our descent. The turbulence was so bad that the steward fell over in the aisle! Everybody laughed but that didn’t stop me from being nervous. Anyway, we landed safely and took a reasonably priced cab to the hotel.

Our hotel is based on an “Islamic concept”, which doesn’t mean much other than that they don’t serve alcohol and there’s a pool for women only, as well as a family pool. I actually think this is a good idea, considering how much we’ve been harangued at the poolside thus far. Because it’s Ramadan, too, the hotel is full of life in the evenings. Locals come in for the iftar buffet (breaking the fast) at about 7pm, and there’s some music, a buffet, and lots of smiling faces. You can’t hear it from the room, though, so best of both worlds I suppose.

We didn’t do much today, just took a long walk along the coastal road to Eagle Square, featuring a giant statue of – you guessed it – an eagle. Here it is from afar.



As we walked around the base of the statue, I saw some ratbag kids trying to play with (but really just annoying and taunting) a stray cat and her kittens. There was something really heartbreaking about this. I have seen lots of stray animals, as I usually do in Greece, but when it’s young’uns it weighs heavily upon me. I wish I could take them all home and love them, but I can’t even touch them for fear of rabies etc. Same can’t be said for the kids, though – someone please take them away from me.

Since there’s no public transport on Langkawi, tomorrow we have to hire a driver for the day to take us around the island. Methinks I’ll be looking forward to getting back to the city, where dinner options and transportation links are not as limited!


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