Day 10: Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this holiday was

Tarryne and I mused on the booking process of this holiday, whilst we chilled out in the beautiful swimming pool at sunset. All in all, we planned this whistle stop tour in just one day – where we were going to go, what we’d do, etc. Pretty impressive considering I hadn’t heard of half the places we’re going before! It’s worked out pretty well thus far.

Since we had only one full day in peaceful Langkawi, we did what all tourists without cars did. There’s no public transport on the island, so you can only get about via car or taxi. Happily, the taxi system in Langkawi is pretty good. Instead of different companies trying to rip you off, a standard rate is charged, so if you hire a public cab for 4 hours it’s 120 ringgit. They’re red and yellow, or blue and white minivans. Divide that between two, or possibly four people, it works out cheaper. Any additional hours are charged at 25 ringgit each. We paid for five hours, which worked out to be £15 each. Not bad, eh?

Our first stop of the day was the Langkawi skybridge and cable car, the most famous attraction of the island. The driver waited for us as we looked about the (rather tacky) Oriental Village on the way to the cable car. Not much to report here, as the cable car totally dwarfed the whole place. Allegedly the steepest cable car in the world, possibly bought secondhand from Austria, it takes you to a height of over 2,000 feet over a basically vertical cliff. It’s unnerving, but it offers beautiful views of your surroundings. See below.


I’d recommend it to anyone. Not for those who suffer with vertigo, though. How interesting it is to see the jungle meeting the pale blue waters. I wondered what it would have looked like before the archipelago was inhabited. After choosing my very own island to go and hibernate on, of course.

After this, we visited a waterfall, but there wasn’t much water because (for once) it hadn’t rained too much. Onwards to Tanjung Rhu beach now, and it’s one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get much time there, because our hours were running out. Good job we’ve planned beach days in Thailand.


Being in the mood for a swim, we headed to the women’s only pool at the hotel. Not only did we have the best view of the tranquil Andaman sea, we also had the pool to ourselves for the most part – no kids, no families, no other women, and certainly no creepy men. If only we had more time in Langkawi, we would have explored some of the smaller islands, and spent more time enjoying our peaceful surroundings.


As I stared across the waters, watching an old-style cruise ship anchor in the bay for the night, I let the sound of the crickets and the call to prayer take me to another world. The sun set over the horizon, and I think I finally felt at peace with the world, after such a difficult year and lengthy exam period. To quote Aamir Khan in Three Idiots – “all izz well”.

3 thoughts on “Day 10: Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this holiday was

  1. Your daily diary has me fascinated with all you encounter and makes for enjoyable reading. It also reflects your open interest in all cultures and views, which sadly a lot of todays youth ignore or are not interested in. Keep up the good work, I am sure you will do well in your journalism.


    1. Thank you so much! It’s really sweet of you to say so, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying following our travels. I do think a lot of people these days are reluctant to engage with different cultures, which is not only a real shame, it actively hinders the progress of society 😦


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