Day 17: One day in the life of a drowned rat

I felt much more at harmony with nature than I usually do today. Why, you ask? Well, I’ve never empathised with a rat before, that’s new. Today, Tarryne and I managed to get soaked in a downpour (once again, in spite of the fact we brought our waterproofs), and we saw rats scurrying across our path to get to shelter. Although I think they are gross and we both screamed upon seeing them, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor buggers.

Before this, though, we trekked through Bangkok looking for Little India. It’s nowhere near as obvious as it has been in Malaysia or Singapore, because frankly, there aren’t many south Asians here (unfortunately). We walked in the wrong direction at least 3 times. Not only this, but at one point we were sure we were heading the right way, until we stumbled across the road our apartment is on. I could have kicked myself for not recognising it!

Eventually, we found Little India, via a combination of actually correct map reading and throwing caution to the wind. It’s very easy to get lost here, because nothing is signposted, and there are rarely any road signs to help gauge your location. Luck must have been on our side today.

We visited the “Indian Emporium”, a shopping centre with a vast array of colourful fabrics. I was commissioned by my mum and my Indian housemate to buy sari material, so I spent hours in there choosing the best ones. It was so cheap, I had to resist the urge to buy everything in sight. Indeed, I must restrain myself, as I have just been invited to an Indian wedding. Naturally, I am delighted, but now I have to decide what to wear. I was unsure about wearing a sari, but after seeing the beautiful  materials on display, I’ve changed my mind. To any woke people reading this, I’d like to stress that this isn’t appropriation, as I am wearing one at the behest of the family.

After narrowly avoiding getting soaked in yet another rainstorm, we made it back to our lovely apartment for a little rest, before we headed out again. This time, it was to a rooftop bar, one of my favourite holiday pasttimes. In Athens, you can drink a cocktail whilst watching the sun set over the Acropolis. In Bangkok, you can watch the monsoon without having to be out in it. Except for us, who had managed to get soaked in the five minute walk from the metro to the bar.

I had a Singapore Sling, because cocktails in actual Singapore were far too expensive for me. It wasn’t my cup of tea (or glass of cocktail to be precise) at all – too much artificial cherry flavour for me. I drank it anyway though, because it was £7.50. Aint nobody got cash to waste.

The rain held off just long enough for us to witness a firework display from the comfort of the bar. It added to the great atmosphere – the music, the people, the drinks and the staff at Cloud 47 all came together to make our experience there a pleasant one. We may end up going back there tomorrow to celebrate Tarryne getting her degree classification…


Apologies for the crappy picture. My phone has given up on life, I think. Been dropped too many times.

Since I had only £2 left to spend for the day, we got ice cream for dinner. I planned to get a salad. SALAD. Ha, tipsy Alice makes all the wrong decisions. I just hope our getting lost earlier helps to burn off some of those sweet, delicious calories…

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