Day 18: Mo Chit, Sherlock

We awoke to a downpour, which continued throughout the day. It’s almost as if I wish the sun would come back and melt our pasty British bodies again. Anything but this incessant rain…

The plan for today was to visit one of Bangkok’s biggest markets, Mo Chit. Unfortunately, a lot of it was closed, because surely nobody would bother going all that way in this rain?

Wrong. We did.

The closest thing I can compare Mo Chit to is Camden. Although plagued with many similar issues to Camden – i.e. the sellers all get their merchandise wholesale from the same factory in China – it was an interesting place to walk around. At one point, I even stumbled across this sign, which made my Hellenophile senses tingle all over.


How bizarre it is to see the Greek alphabet this far away from its homeland. “Aha” I thought, “foreign lettering I can actually read”. It doesn’t say much other than the name of the owner (Ioannis, or John, Zouganelis) and “Tourist items”. So basically it’s a “tourist tat” shop. Anyway, I’m gutted it wasn’t open. I wanted to waltz in and say “yia sou” to some confused looking Greeks, or possibly Thais. I also wanted to see what kind of stuff they sold! Trust me, if it was open, I could have spent lots of money in there. It’s just a sign of how much I want to return to my favourite country in the world, I suppose.

After walking about here for a while, and getting lost multiple times in the maze that is JJ Market, we went for lunch at this amazing vegan buffet. It’s a little known spot frequented only by locals, and it’s called Chamlong’s Asoke restaurant. Set up by followers of boss lady Supreme Master (a spiritualist who preaches vegetarianism in this part of the world), the buffet was basically my heaven. Fake meats galore, alongside some tasty looking vegetables and noodles as well. Plus, it was cheaper than chips. We spent 100 baht each (£2), which bought us three or four courses. I wish I had room to fit more in!


I swear I fantasise about this stuff. Ever since Vegfest London 2015, I have fallen in love with fake chicken satay.

Since we were anxiously anticipating Tarryne’s university results today (NB: She got a first! Wooooo!), we headed to our favourite bar, Cloud 47, in the evening. It has a fantastic atmosphere, great drinks and decent food. If only it were cheaper, though. Otherwise we probably could have spent the night celebrating there.

However, our rapidly dying spending money meant we were called back to our cosy apartment, and yet another rainstorm began as we got in the door. Will it ever stop? It’s starting to remind me of home…

My results come through in 6 days, and needless to say, I am terrified. Part of me is hoping I’ll scrape a first. The other part knows it’s unlikely. Coupled with all the drama I’ve survived this past year, though, I’m not being too hard on myself. I’ll do well to pass with a high 2:1. I know that I couldn’t have sacrificed my therapeutic Gogglebox episodes or much-needed social occasions for anything, not even a few extra uni marks. I say this now, but watch me next Friday as I sit shaking with nerves waiting for my grade to come through.

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