Day 19: Miniscule frogs and blonde Germans

Our theme song for the trip, ever since day one, has been “Let’s Go To The Mall”, by Robin Sparkles, a character on Tarryne’s favourite TV show. I haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother, but the song has been applicable more times than I care to admit. There are far more shopping centres in South East Asia than I expected.

So, today we made the trip to what the promo leaflet claims is “Bangkok’s most enjoyable shopping mall”. If their definition of enjoyable is being disoriented and hungry, then sure, it was extremely fulfilling. MBK was certainly an interesting experience, but it did have a Dunkin Donuts, which I am ashamed to admit I’ve been craving ever since my friend’s mum mentioned she went there in Bangkok.


The highlight of our outing was seeing a thumbnail sized frog trying to jump up onto the curb. Tarryne gave the poor thing some assistance, but it was quite a way away from the pond, so I hope the little fella made it home okay.

After a brief siesta, which is rapidly becoming our favourite pastime, we headed back out to Talat Rotfai Night Market. On our way out, we met an alarmingly blonde German bloke from somewhere near Heppenheim racecourse, a throwback to my days as a Formula 1 fan. One of the locals had been trying to scam him, as tuktuk drivers are known to do, and we complained about it as we waited for the stoplight to turn green. He seemed like a nice chap. It’s always nice when you meet like-minded folk on holiday, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

It was quite difficult to find, and we ended up walking the entire perimeter of a gigantic mall (one of many on that particular stretch of road), but it was worth it. It was full of kooky clothes stalls, and some pleasant looking bars. Considering it’s located in an old railway sidings, they really have mastered the look of shabby-chic.


Unfortunately, because it was quite some way out of town and hardly accessible by public transport, we had to leave quite soon after we arrived. Both of us agreed we might have spent hours (and more baht we don’t have) there.

Tomorrow, we fly to Chiang Mai, a big town in the north of the country. It apparently has a great city wall and lots of wats within it, but I half suspect I will be too “watted” out to care by the time we arrive. Until next time, folks!

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