Day 26: Not the Bees!

As always, today has been very interesting. We woke up at 4am for our final Air Asia flight, and spent the last of our baht on a Subway. It was better to do this than to exchange it, because now the pound is worthless.

Our flight was not only late arriving, we couldn’t take off for another hour, owing to the fact our plane was “surrounded by a swarm of bees”. The ground staff couldn’t push us off. The luggage handlers took one look at the plane, shook their heads and said “nope”, and sodded off. Eventually the fire brigade was called to douse the plane in water, essentially drowning the poor creatures. I’m not sure what I expected when the captain said they were going to “chase the bees away”, but it sure as hell wasn’t this.

In the words of Nic Cage:


It was all fun and games being sat next to Australians, until it turned out they were bogans, and we felt like we were in an episode of Australian Gogglebox.

We landed two hours late and headed into Kuala Lumpur. It’s so lovely to be somewhere so familiar, somewhere we know and love. Our adorable host met us and walked us to our apartment for the night, which is absolutely stunning. We’re sad we have only one night here… That and the fact we now have to return to the Brexit chaos. And graduate unemployment too, which will probably get a lot worse very quickly.

As can only be done in KL, we walked along Bukit Bintang, and went into four separate malls in the space of about two hours. Granted, some were very expensive, so we walked straight in the revolving doors, and out again. I am still searching for my Levi’s Malaysia t-shirt, whilst Tarryne is attempting to source mehndi in our last 12 hours here. We ought to have a little more luck tomorrow, but who knows.


All the decor is up for Ramadan. Ramadan kareem everyone!

We leave at 7pm for our long-ass flight back to the UK. Hopefully the entertainment system/free food will be enough to distract me from it all. I have to stay awake until our flight from Dubai, for purposes of getting over jetlag. Only then can I take a sleeping pill and hopefully, finally relax a bit.

I’m looking forward to seeing my cat again, but I’m not sure I’m ready for post-Brexit Britain.

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