Day 27: 40 hours

The day finally arrived when Tarryne and I would both have to wave goodbye to our nice apartment, Kuala Lumpur, and our entire trip. Soon it would be but an incredible memory, so we opted to make the most of our day, and spent all our ringgit in style. Well, it isn’t worth much in pounds now, so you might as well buy some cool things with it.

Despite fully intending to have a lie in, as per usual, we woke up at 8AM. This always seems to happen – me being a borderline insomniac, and Tarryne a woman with incredible energy. So we packed our suitcases for the last time, and went to (you guessed it) the local mall to kill a couple of hours. Well, not before having one last look at our incredible infinity pool, which has a view of the KL Menara.


Tarryne wanted to get some more mehndi done before we got back, where it would be more expensive and perhaps not easily accessible at all. Kuala Lumpur is, happily, home to a massive population of desis, so we were in luck. Two women ran a stall on the ground floor of Sungei Wang Plaza, and managed to do some designs on us in record time.


I still believe I am spoiled. Anaab does it better. And is free.

We still had a few hours to kill before we had to leave for the airport, so we switched on The King and I, something we have had on our movie list since we arrived in Bangkok. I know it’s a colonialist, imperialist, racist, inaccurate, and frankly ludicrous depiction of Thailand, but I still enjoy it. I enjoy watching Yul Brynner try to pretend his Russian heritage is anything close to Thai. Didn’t get to finish all of it, but I found the rest of it on the plane home. Managed to kill an hour or so, and partly relieve my flight anxiety.

I was still desperate for my Levi’s Malaysia merch, so we went to the shop at KL Sentral before boarding the airport train. I bought a plain Levi’s shirt, but upon Tarryne’s suggestion, I finally got a Levi’s Malaysia canvas bag. So did Tarryne. Although I spent most of my ringgit, it was totally worth it, especially since I have introduced Tarryne to a brand I am a bit too obsessed with. Hooray for capitalism!


Also got this paper bag, which I may use as part of a “holiday collage” to hang on my wall, because I am really very sad indeed.

Our flight to Dubai was pretty much empty, which was good, as it meant we could both recline without feeling bad for the people behind us. For once in my life, nobody in front of me reclined either, because there was nobody there. Boy, was I glad about this – on every single flight we’ve had thus far, it always happens. Every. Single. Time. However, we couldn’t stretch out and make a bed out of the empty seats, as we had to stay awake to adjust to UK time.

So, instead, I ate my veg meal and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I’ve always thought it was a fantastic sequel, and it makes me wish I was Greek. By a strange coincidence, the air steward that was serving us was Cretan, so we had a good old chat about Greece and about Crete. Even got to dig out my Greek language skills, but they were incredibly rusty. I should have talked to him about my dissertation and my research project, as well, since I am curious to know what he would have thought about Eleftherios Venizelos!

The flight was rough the whole way. It’s probably just that part of the world, though – what with all the monsoons and storms, there’s bound to be turbulence. I was pleased to land at Dubai, even if I never got to say goodbye to my new Greek friend.Emirates had kindly given me us a free meal voucher to use at a restaurant at Dubai airport as our layover was longer than four hours, and as I am a lover of all things free, I was very happy. But perhaps planning on three dinners was too ambitious, and besides, we tried to sleep a little on the world’s most uncomfortable chairs. So no free meal, in the end.

We also took this photo of Tarryne in her “just been to Thailand, gap yah starter pack” gear. We’re hoping to turn it into a meme.


Starter pack: cheap hippy trousers, university hoody, white people mehndi, crappy beach bag, and hair in a ponytail.

The flight to London was also quiet, but I tried to jump on the “take up a whole row to sleep on” bandwagon a little too late. Tarryne kindly let me have the empty seat in our row, though, so the sleeping pills I had taken were finally able to work their magic. Well, as much as they could with my worried mind running amok.

We landed at Gatwick and wondered whether we’d have to go through the non-EU gate now. Didn’t want to come back to Brexitland very much, for exactly the reason that everybody was talking about it, it was all over the news, and I basically couldn’t escape it any longer. I boarded my train to Clapham Junction, where I’d jump on a train back to Poole, and be home at last.

My brother picked me up from the station, and since I needed to stay awake, we drove to get food from somewhere I’d been craving for ages – Domino’s. Ah yeah. Love that stuffed crust life. Since he needed some new jeans, we then went to Primark and I got him a new outfit for his birthday.

I had been awake for 40 hours at this point, so I attempted to stay up until at least 9pm. It was futile, though, so at about 7pm I crashed. Oddly, the same thing had happened to Tarryne, and we both ended up waking up at 4AM the next day. Our trip was finally at an end, and a feeling of sadness hung over my head. So, in an attempt to relive our trip, we’ll be providing you with a few hints, tips, and things we’ve learned over our journey in another blog entry.

I must be the only person to go to South East Asia for a month, and not get a tan.

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