That’s why Dads go to Iceland… In Iceland

I’m writing this from Keflavik airport, as at 6AM this morning we wave goodbye to Iceland and say hello to British autumn and our grumpy cat.

Yesterday we did nothing much. We slept in after the events of the night before. Nothing much, just drove out to the middle of nowhere on a dark side road in the hope of seeing the Aurora before we left. Alas, she did not dance across the sky as promised by the Icelandic Meteorological service. The clouds came over and blocked any view. I was actually glad to leave, as it occurred to me we definitely could have been murdered there. We went on the suggestion of Lonely Planet Trailfinders, a local who goes there to see the lights, but if he had had sinister intentions then it was naïve of me to mindlessly follow his advice and go to a dark place in the middle of the night. Thankfully he didn’t, but still no lights. I’ve responded to go to Canada and stay in one of those glass igloo hotels, where they wake you up if there’s a chance of seeing anything.

So, yesterday we opted for a chill day, and went to the ice rink. It was completely empty for the first 15 minutes – just us! Then some kids came onto the rink with their nice French trainer, but I was intimidated by the kids who are really good, as I always wanted lessons but never lived close enough to an ice rink to get lesson


We had this only once before in Tahoe, and yep, it was awkward.

In need of beans, we went to the only appropriate supermarket when in Iceland. The clue’s in the name.


Everyone was staring at him, wondering why he was making me take a picture. It was ridiculous and embarrassing!

We came home and flopped on the sofa, watching TV because we had to get up at 2AM.

And get up I did, admittedly begrudgingly because we only got this flight due to an error on mum’s part.

I spent my last few krona on a bottle of water – which set me back as per usual – and tested out all the free hand cream I could. Well, I thought it was hand cream, but I had managed to squeeze copious amounts of lip balm on my palms, very well greased up. I rubbed some of it off on mum before I told her what it was. Honestly, I shouldn’t be allowed to do anything at this early hour of the morning.

Okay, I’m bored now, want to go home. Next week I’m jetting off to Athens so I hope you’ll join me on my journey to my adoptive homeland! See you then.



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