Lush: ‘Bewitched’ Bubble Bar Review

Recently, I’ve been spending a considerable portion of my modest earnings on Lush products. Call me unwise (because I am), but I’m hooked and there’s no going back. Somehow spending £4 on a bath bomb no longer seems unreasonable, if the scent goes to my head and gives me feeling that’s akin to a legal high.

It all started that fateful day in Liverpool, when I decided to treat myself to a self-care evening in the hotel bath. Since that time, I’ve become addicted to soft skin and strong smells, many of which can only be found at Lush. I’m officially what the people in the fandom call a ‘Lushie’. Although I used to scoff at these people, they’ve won me over in the end.

To make use of this new addiction, I decided to start writing reviews of their products – in the hope they’ll send me some for free one day (pretty please? I’ll bankrupt myself otherwise). I’ll try not to make it 100% “this is great, buy it. My mates need jobs in the factory, and Poole’s economy is going down the pan (bloody capitalism), help us pls”, but I can’t promise you anything.

So, here’s how I justify this expensive habit to myself. 1) I am from Poole, so all I’m doing is supporting my local economy. 2) It’s all vegetarian/vegan, so falls in line with my views on animals etc. 3) It’s better for the environment, right? If David Attenborough says I should stop buying plastic products, I’mma stop buying plastic products.

Everyone, meet my new laboratory:


The decor has genuinely been the same since the DAY I WAS BORN, guys.

First under the microscope is the Bewitched Bubble Bar. It should be fairly obvious why I chose it:


Cat person must have all the cat things, even if they’re meant to be rapidly dissolved.

This is a Halloween limited edition product, so you can only buy it round Halloween/Xmas time. That said, you can go on the black market – eBay – and find discontinued products like this one fairly easily. Sometimes you’ll grab a bargain, sometimes you’ll end up paying more than the damn thing would have cost you in the first place. Hit and miss. Unbelievably, people will even buy secondhand Lush stuff on eBay for a sizeable sum. Boy, I hope I don’t become one of those people… (she said, having already become one of those people)

Bewitched’s key notes are blackberry, frankincense and bergamot, according to the website. I’m still not 100% sure what bergamot and frankincense are supposed to smell like, but I didn’t really get the Jesus/church vibe from this, so I guess I couldn’t smell the frankincense?

Bubble bars are supposed to be held under your bath tap, and they’ll foam up and turn your water a funny colour and give you a nice bubble bath. In this case, your water would be black and sparkly. But my water came out a murky grey, because I was stingy with it and managed to spread it out over 3 uses. I have to eat somehow.


I’m a stingy bastard, but I’m proud of it.


Not quite the midnight colour you might expect.


Considering the water in Poole is as hard as solid rock, I’m pleased it frothed up as well as this.

The whole concept of Bubble Bars is quite nice, and it’s probably eco-friendlier than bubble bath as there’s no plastic involved. That said, it’s a bit of a pain in the arse having to just awkwardly sit in the bath naked and hold the damn thing under the tap. Small complaint, I know, but when you want to get down to relaxing it’s a bit tedious.

To be perfectly honest, although I liked the sparkle and the look of this one, I couldn’t actually smell much. I thought I couldn’t smell it the first time because I had a cold, but that’s passed and this was the third time, and all I got was a faint whiff of citrus. Is that what bergamot smells like? Who really knows?

On the whole, while I like Lush’s other Bubble Bars – such as Karma and the Comforter – I don’t think this one has a distinctive enough scent. The black colour can also be a bit off putting – especially if it better resembles grey, viscous concrete – but the glitter inside makes it sparkly, fun, and in Halloween it’d probably feel like you were bathing in a witch’s cauldron filled with Polyjuice. Sadly, it’s January, and the dark colour reminds me of the darkness in the clouds (and in my soul, jk – or am I?).

Buy again? Probably not

Recommend to a friend? Yes, if they were still in their emo phase

Rating: 3/5

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