Lush: Aromaco is not for the Faint of Heart

Since I’m a new hippy (though I’m always searched at airports for looking like a drug smuggler), I’m bound to be more extreme than veteran hippies out there. The converts are always more zealous than the long-termers. Naturally, I thought the next thing that had to change in my conventional, un-vegan/eco friendly beauty routine was the very base of cleanliness – my deodorant.

I started to do some research on natural deodorants – as in, deodorants that don’t have aluminium in. This is the stuff that stops you from sweating, I gather. I’d like to preface this blog entry by saying I don’t think that aluminium causes cancer, as all the health articles online would have you believe, nor do I reckon there’s any adverse effect to wearing antiperspirant at all (I encourage it – I don’t want to be around smelly buggers!).

I simply wanted to try natural deodorants out of personal preference. I’d been getting sore underarms and wanted to see if making a change to my deodorant would help. Not wishing to pay £6 for a stick of salt, like they sell in Boots, I settled on Lush, which had the promise of smelling nice and more closely resembling a proper deodorant.


This photo was stolen from another blog, which you can find here.

After a brief discussion with the sales assistant on my most personal showering habits, she recommended Aromaco. It’s supposed to be used straight after a shower as the stick melts onto warm skin, but since I’m an evening showerer this would be no good in the morning before work. She suggested I keep it in a pot with a little dribble of water at the bottom.


She then gave me this Lush black pot fo’ free, and I’ll be forever grateful.

I’d heard the adjustment period to any natural deodorant was 2-3 weeks, so I was willing to give this a fair go. Anyone looking to switch over should probably do so when it’s cold, as in summer you might find yourself sweating buckets, and that’d be deeply unpleasant. If it were me, I would have given up at that point. Thankfully, I don’t sweat very much anyway, and in winter even less so.


I know this looks tiny, but I only thought to write this blog at the very end of the block, so bear with.

On my first day wearing it, I was very conscious of the fact my underarms were moist – they’re usually dry as a bone – but I didn’t smell of BO. Weirdly, my colleagues actually complimented me on the new, pleasant aroma of patchouli about me. I figure  that it worked in a similar way to non-anti-perspirant deodorant – it allows you to sweat, but it makes it smell nice.

After a couple of weeks, my body adjusted to the moistness, and I went back to not feeling sweaty. Thank god. The pseudo scientific web articles would have you believe my body purged itself of toxins, but it’s going to take more than a little sweat to get rid of all the pizza I eat.

However, I did notice a redness to my underarms that wasn’t there before, and it was sore (albeit a different type of soreness to what I had experienced). Other reviewers had experienced a similar problem, but waited another week or so to see if it continued, so I persevered.

After a few weeks of continuous use – don’t be tempted to quickly grab the antiperspirant – my body adjusted. Now I’m a fully fledged convert, and I love that I have a constant whiff of patchouli about me. It doesn’t really conflict with the other perfumes I wear, not even Body Shop Vanilla (which smells somewhat chocolatey), so that’s a plus.

That said, I know a few people who haven’t been able to adjust well to this, due to natural sweat levels being higher/sensitive skin/not wanting to stick out the 3 weeks it takes to adjust. Also, I travel a lot, so transporting it is a bit of a pain in the arse – having to drain the water, put it in the pot, wrap the pot in a towel, and then reassemble at my destination. Put it this way – it’s not for the faint of heart. Or overly sweaty.

Buy again? Yes

Recommend to a friend? Yes, if they weren’t already a sweaty bastard

Rating: 4/5

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