Lush: Snow Cloud Soap is dope

Excuse the Americanism, I just couldn’t resist the rhyme.

I like soap. I know it’s quite drying for your skin, but I don’t really care. I feel that nothing really gets you cleaner than a good old fashioned bar of soap – it cuts through grease and sweat like a knife, and gets into a good lather as well. Plus, there’s no plastic involved, so that’s better for the environment than a bottle of shower gel.

Browsing the January sale of Lush, on the hunt for bargains, I spontaneously grabbed a chunk of Snow Cloud soap while I was at the till. That’s the thing about Lush sales – because they only happen once a year, they convince you to buy more stuff by reducing the cheaper supply to one specific, short period. Despite all its activist pretensions, Lush is still sadly not above the brutal laws of capitalism. Before you shout at me, yes I know it’s a company so it has to make a profit, but in this day and age I am tired of companies taking advantage of customers. *takes a deep breath in* Anyway, I said I would leave my socialism at the door for this part of the blog, so back to the plot.


Doesn’t look like much, but trust me when I say this smells divine.

As soon as I got this baby home, I was hooked. I unwrapped the packaging and was greeted with a delicious, sweet vanilla scent. It’s meant to smell like marshmallow, so that’s one scent that really came through. There was also a gentle whiff of something else, neroli, which has rapidly become my new favourite scent. This lovely little flower is from bitter orange trees, and it reminds me of joyful holidays in the Mediterranean (Greece, of course) so I foresee myself smelling like neroli for the rest of time.

There’s apparently some woody aromas in there too, which I’m not great at spotting. Cocoa butter is there to moisturise the skin, and while it’s certainly not as drying as other soaps, it still has that effect. On the plus side, I felt super clean after using this, and it really does smell delicious. Besides, that’s the whole point of moisturiser, isn’t it?


100g of heaven.

Sadly, it’s only available at Christmas, so I bought another chunk on eBay to tide me over until then. If you’re looking for the perfect soap (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say), then this could be the one for you.


Recommend to a friend? Yes, but I low key want to keep it all to myself, so actually no

Rating: 5/5

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