Looks like a potato, smells like a dream: Hippy Cold Pressed Soap

This blog needs basically no introduction. It is what it says on the tin.



As per, stolen from the Lush website.

This is honestly the fugliest soap I have ever seen. But hey, it was on sale in Lush and it smelled of patchouli, so I’m sold.

Allegedly, what marks it out from all the other, evil soaps is that it’s cold pressed. Do they just smush a ton of stuff together at the factory and hope it sticks? It also doesn’t have palm oil in it, so that’s better for the environment, I guess.

Right, so, on to the scent. Its main component is patchouli, with a hint of sunflower, which I’m bloody sick of. That said, I do genuinely like the smell, and it functions like a pot pourri in that it diffuses a delicate aroma throughout the bathroom.


It does have the unfortunate side-effect of dripping yellow everywhere, so you look like you’ve just washed Play-doh, however.

I also don’t know what those black bits in the soap are. They look like kalonji seeds, and they give a nice scrubby texture to the bar, but aside from that I can’t tell you much. Nor do I understand what that dinosaur looking thing is supposed to be – it feels softer than the rest of it, but as a moisturising element it’s a bit useless against the drying nature of soap.

Sorry readers, this has been a bit of a crap blog, as it goes. I’m not one of those writers that can waffle on for hours about something they’re ambivalent to (unless being paid to do so, of course). The title has basically done the work for me here. In the spirit of Ron Swanson – it’s soap. Buy it. Or not, it’s a free economy.

Buy again? Yes

Recommend to a friend? Yes. No. Maybe.

Rating: 4/5


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