Lush: Twilight ‘Naked’ Shower Gel – Genie [not] in a Bottle

If you’ve walked past a Lush shop recently, you may have noticed their latest campaign slogan; “we’ve lost the pot”. As well as being a pretty good play on words, this carries an important message. In the wake of David Attenborough’s brilliant Blue Planet, humanity has realised that it is, in fact, garbage, and has been polluting the ocean with plastic since the stuff was invented.

Particularly under fire is the use of excessive packaging by retailers to store their products. From clingfilm-wrapped swedes to plastic egg boxes, it’s all going into our oceans and killing marine life. Thanks to David Attenborough, people who previously didn’t know or care are now starting to give a shit about the environmental impact of the products they buy.

Although some of these plastics are recyclable, it’s probably best to just get rid of them altogether, and that’s exactly what Lush have done with their naked products. Made using a formula that doesn’t contain water, they’re sort of… pleasant-smelling waxy blocks of stuff. Terrible description, I know. But when they come into contact with water, they’re supposed to lather up and release their lovely scent to the world.

Naked shower gels are also twice the concentrate of their liquid counterparts, so you theoretically can use less. I chose Twilight in the shop, as it’s my favourite colour, and I believe it was also on sale – so it’s probably yet another Christmas limited edition product. Here’s how it looked when I first bought it.


Stolen from Popsugar.

Here’s how it looked after a month or so of constant use.


FYI, that’s condensation on the bottom – it hasn’t flaked off. Also, lovely toilet sneaking in the back there.

Twilight has elements of ylang ylang, lavender, and something vanillary, so it smells wonderful – though I do wish it didn’t recall so many memories of naff teenage film saga, Twilight. It’s been very efficient in that I have used a lot less water to get the same amount of use, and it’s lasted much longer than any conventional shower gel.

On the down side, I did have to waste a tiny bit because they’ve covered the ‘nozzle’ in black wax, which proved too difficult to peel off, so I had to chop off the top bit. Considering it smells so good, this was a darn shame. Another negative is that I haven’t figured a way to store it properly yet, so I’ve been keeping it in a plastic container. It’s a reusable one, but still – it’s the scourge of the seas!


Boo, hiss *insert pantomime villain sounds here*

As for the lather – I’m not sure it’s as satisfying as liquid shower gel, but it does the job. It could be because the water in Poole is basically 100% calcium, but I didn’t find it lathered up quite so well as other products. They say you use it as you would any other shower gel, but rubbing this bad boy over your wet skin is really a very different experience.


The slightly lilac glow is the ‘lather’. This was after a few rubs to my warm hand.

It’s never quite as good as the demonstrations in the shop, is it? Still, the bottom line is, I’d absolutely go for the naked stuff again. It lasts a very long time, does the job of getting you clean, and works out cheaper than buying normal Lush products. Not to mention you’ll bring a smile to David Attenborough’s sad, sad face.

Buy again? Yes

Recommend to a friend? Yes, especially the Blue Planet fans

Rating: 4/5

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