Daddy-O Shampoo: Naff name, great colour

I’m not a fan of the USA. Right now, it seems like a cesspit of Trump and all the horrid things he stands for. Now, I know much of the population ALSO hates Trump, but as with Brexit, those who shouted the loudest won out. Plus, US capitalism and ‘free market economics’ are on another level. So naturally, 1950s, nostalgic Americana crap – especially with a name like Daddy-O – doesn’t appeal.

But never mind all of that. A friend recommended this shampoo, so here we are. I’ve been trying out different types of violet shampoo, because I love the silvery effect it has on my hair. It makes me look like an ice princess that’s also low key a grandma, which is pretty much as close an expression of my personality as I’m going to get out of my hair.


Does what it says on the tin (or rather, bottle).

Purple is also my favourite colour, so that’s pretty cool. How to describe this product, though, hmmm…

So purple shampoo is a special sort of shampoo, designed for blonde and platinum hair. The idea is that it takes out all of the warm and brassy tones, which aren’t ideal if you’re trying to rock a cool colour. I’ve also noticed that purple shampoo is a great way to get rid of a dye job gone wrong – it neutralises any bright colours fairly quickly, and you soon end up going a homogenous silvery grey colour, which I actually think is lovely.

There are many brands you can buy, including cheaper options you can get at Boots and Superdrug. But, Lush is Lush, so I had to give this one a fair try.


Read the description, it usually does a better job than me.

It smells like violet, but the other things Lush says it has in it doesn’t really make an appearance. Apparently it’s even got seaweed in it, but I’m buggered if I can detect it. Maybe those of you with a more acute sense of smell will be able to.

You don’t need to use a massive amount of this stuff, but more than they say you need to. My hair is thin and goes down to my boobs (not to be crude, but that’s the only way to describe it), and I used this much:


P.S, my hands are also fairly small.

Lather this up on your head and leave it for a few minutes to allow the pigment to work its magic. Wash it out and wait until your hair dries fully to check the effect – you should notice it within the first wash.

I don’t think this particular brand of purple shampoo works quite as well as some of the others I’ve tried, including this cheapo one from Superdrug. But that might be because it’s more natural, so it’s up to you to decide if you’d prefer that. It’s a decent choice, and it smells good, but for the price I’m not sure I can justify it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing the conditioner that accompanies Daddy-O shampoo, so watch this space!

Buy again? Not for £6 a pop, no

Recommend to a friend? Meh

Rating: 3/5

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