Lush: Sunflower “Smells like Teen Spirit”

In my epic odyssey to become a true Lushie, and smell like every possible scent under the sun, I trialled another natural deodorant. After the success of Aromaco, I figured it was time to try something else. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, according to fellow reviewers, a lot. ‘Sunflower’ is the least popular of Lush’s deodorising products, which is probably why they only sell it online.


I say it’s an online exclusive – and I think it is – but this pic suggests otherwise. Stolen from the interwebs, as usual.

Said to contain ‘antibacterial’ chrysanthemums (aren’t they just creepy funeral flowers?), the citrussy scent is meant to keep the BO at bay, while the bicarb keeps you dry. According to the website, anyway. The reviews tell a different story – people are saying it makes them smell of teenage boys, and they’ve got sweat patches the size of Jupiter.

As with any natural deodorant, you need to give your body two or three weeks to adjust, so be prepared for a fortnight of sweatiness if you do decide to make the switch. Some reviewers had given it a fair chance, some of them hadn’t. Of course, it all depends on your body, but the upshot of this was that people didn’t like the smell.

The main bone of contention, however, seems to be the actual sunflowers inside the bar:


Have to say, it doesn’t look appealing!

Personally, I quite liked the sunflowers – it’s true that some of the bar ends up going to waste because bits fall off it, but then I quite liked the exfoliating feeling. The scratchy seeds were pretty good at getting dead skin off, and I treat my skin with the gentleness of a sledgehammer, so I didn’t mind.

As for the scent, I can’t say it was THAT bad. It smelled a bit waxy, but not overtly bad. You can detect the citrus, but it doesn’t come through as much as you might want. Basically, it smells of… nothing. I’m hoping that’s what teen spirit smells like, rather than sweaty and gross teenage boys.

To sum, I much prefer Aromaco. I miss the fragrant patchouli smell I would emanate throughout the day, rather than nondescript waxiness.

Buy again? No

Recommend to a friend? Nope, too risky

Rating: 2/5

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