Pink and Greasy: Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

Just to clarify, “pink and greasy” is NOT a description of my complexion – though you could be forgiven for thinking so – I am in fact talking about this very unique product.

Snow Fairy is one of Lush’s most popular ranges, but it’s only out around Christmas time, because apparently we don’t want our skin to smell of sweets the whole year round (read: WE DO). It’s very pink, which probably appeals to a younger age bracket as well as grown-up kiddos such as myself. It smells of marshmallow, cherry, sugar, spice and all things nice.

After having tried the shower gel, next on my hit list was the body conditioner. My skin is horrendously dry in some places, and the idea of moisturising it whilst in the shower AND smelling delicious meant I could kill two birds with one stone. I had to try it.


Yes, Lush, we get it. It’s great.

The body conditioner works in an unusual way. You get a wee pot of something that looks like strawberry yoghurt, and you put it on while your skin is wet. Rub it in anywhere you like then wash it off, and away goes the dryness.

Since it smells so great, you don’t need to use a massive amount. Start small and rub in more if you feel you need it, but you probably won’t, so the little tub should last a fair while.


Don’t eat this, tempting though it is.

I started off with my elbows and knees, because they’re the dryest parts of my body. While that was soaking in, I did my neck – which can get dry in winter – and decolletage area. I did put some on my face, but really only put a minimal amount on here, because it does feel a bit greasy when you wash it off.

Don’t leave it on there for any more than a couple of minutes, otherwise I think it becomes harder to wash off. My skin did feel really hydrated and moisturised, especially on my elbows, which felt like they’d seen a tub of moisturiser for the first time in their life. However, on areas that are already quite moist – such as my face – it really didn’t need it, and it seemed like it left a greasy residue behind. This feeling faded, but immediately afterwards it was borderline unpleasant.

Perhaps if you used this regularly, your dry spots would go away forever. However, since I don’t have the time or patience for that, my dry skin returned pretty quickly. On the plus side, it leaves your skin smelling really tasty, and lasts for a few hours after you’ve washed.

Snow Fairy is a bit Marmite, though. Some would say it smells too sickly, so if you think that’s you, you’d be better off getting something like Christingle (another Christmas only one) – or basically any other one you can find. I’ve not tried the solid body conditioners, but I’m keen to try them out. Perhaps they’ll be nourishing without the greasy feeling. Or perhaps they won’t. Only time will tell.

Buy again? No

Recommend to a friend? Yes, but only to those with super dry skin who can’t be bothered to moisturise every day (a.k.a. other slobs like me)

Rating: 3/5


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