The opposite of a tangle-teaser: Body Shop Rainforest Conditioner Review

Following on from my experience with the Rainforest Shampoo, you might be wanting to know how the conditioner went down with me. You probably aren’t, as I doubt anyone waits with bated breath for a blog post, but you never know.

To recap, I felt that while non-sulphate and paraben products *might* be better for the environment, they don’t really wash your hair all that well. Additionally, I had to use a lot of the stuff to get the same effect as a normal haircare product.

Well, it’s the same story with the conditioner.


If you bought both the shampoo and conditioner, it’d set you back a whopping £10.

Like the shampoo, it smells of very little, so is probably good for people with sensitive skin. Reassuringly, it does have less sugar this time. It feels gentle, but I had to use almost twice the amount of conditioner I’d use normally:


I started with this, and kept adding more later.

Because I’ve been told that applying conditioner to your roots first makes them heavy and greasy, I started from the middle, and combed this through to my ends. I would revisit my roots later, but the first thing I noticed is that this conditioner is really awful for detangling your hair. I almost feel like it made it worse. It was a heck of a lot of effort to get the knots out using this, as it doesn’t feel smooth or silky at all. Sort of like if you tried to comb your hair through using only shampoo. Or even with nothing at all – I was in considerable pain by the end of this.

The only way to get around this is to use a fuckton of the stuff, and keep applying as you go. It’s a painful and long process, as inevitably if you remove one matt then another will crop up somewhere else in your hair. The amount of hair that comes out after using this is really startling.

Once you’ve fought that battle, I advise you to leave the product in your hair for up to 5 minutes, as you want to make damn sure that your hair is absorbing it properly. Wash it off – and really make sure you do as it has a tendency to stick around – then leave your hair to dry.

I really wasn’t impressed with this product. It almost felt like I hadn’t conditioned my hair at all, in that it was still quite dry, tangled, and not at all soft. Call me a terrible person and fish-murderer, but I do like that feeling of soft, smooth, and best of all detangled hair.

Also, I found that one bottle only gave me about 8-10 uses as I had to use SO MUCH of the bloody stuff. For £5, this is simply not acceptable. Compare it with a £5 Lush conditioner bar, which has given me months of continuous use and leaves my hair feeling amazing.

There’s just no contest. Sorry, Body Shop. Sulphates win.

Buy again? A hundred times no

Recommend to a friend? Hell no, they’d hate me

Rating: 1/5

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