Perspiration Ting: The Greeeeench Deodorant/Dusting Powder Lush Review

In my quest to find the perfect ‘natural’ deodorant, I have been testing out pretty much all of Lush’s deodorant range. Aromaco is my favourite, but I’ve become used to the lovely patchouli scent now, so I cannot enjoy how great I smell. Others still can, but my days of sniffing my own underarms for pleasure are over.

Aromaco is great, but I haven’t managed to test it in the summer yet. I deliberately made the switch in November, because I didn’t fancy a three-week adjustment period of sweat in the heat of July. Well, I say heat, I mean anything above 16 degrees because #britain. My office can get a bit hot, though, and I’ve noticed significant moisture in recent weeks.

That led me to think I’ll probably need something a bit stronger in summer. Either I could go back to using normal deodorant – which I don’t want to do unless it’s absolutely necessary, because I can’t be doing with three weeks every year allowing my body to go into sweaty overdrive – or I could keep applying Aromaco on an hourly basis. It’s not very portable, though.

In comes Lush’s range of deodorant dusting powders, which you pat onto your armpits to stay dry. They come in compact little bottles, so you can easily fit them into your bag.


It’s basically talcum powder, so don’t breathe it in too deeply otherwise you’ll get lung cancer.

You put this powder onto your hands, then whack onto DRY underarms – so you’ll probably need to wash the sweat build up away and dry your pits first. I did try putting it on straight after Aromaco in the morning, but it goes a bit weird and clumpy, so probably don’t do that.

Made up of talc, tea tree and herbs, the tea tree scent is the first thing you’ll notice. Herbal fans say it’s antibacterial and antiseptic, but call me when Dettol stops using chemicals and I’ll believe you. Probably just appreciate it for its pleasant scent, and don’t take all that other stuff too seriously.


I was never a big Dr. Seuss fan (more of a Roald Dahl kid), but I still don’t get the name.

As you may have expected, this product is a pain to apply. If you plan on wearing clothes straight afterwards, you’ll undoubtedly get white powder on them, where the material has dared to touch your underarms. It should dust off fairly easily, so the police won’t think you’re a crack addict, but it is an annoyance most of us don’t need when we’re rushing to get out of the house of a morning. It’ll probably go all over your trousers/bottoms and floor, too, so just be prepared.

That said, The Greeeeench does seem to be fairly economical. I didn’t have to use much to give my underarms full coverage.


This is what I used, per underarm. Pat it on and rub it in, and you’re ready to go.

Now, to give this product a fair trial, I have used no other deodorant all weekend. Just this. It’s a good job I’ve been unwell and it’s been snowing, so I haven’t had to go outdoors too much. At this point, I should also mention I don’t sweat very much anyway, so this will likely work differently on different people.

However, I did subject it to the ultimate test – an hour and 15 minutes of hot yoga. Done in 30+ degree heat, it involves a lot of stretching and strenuous arm movements. Well, for me anyway, because I am chronically unfit and have the strength of a 2-year-old. There are 70-year-olds who go to the class, and they are spritely compared to me, creaking and groaning in the corner.

At first, there was considerable moisture on my underarms. As the class progressed, though, I noted that it got dryer, and I stopped sweating quite so much. As a general rule, I think your body just has to adjust more with natural deodorants. When we finally got to the lying down stage (I don’t like to say it in Sanskrit, or participate with the ‘om’ stuff, because you know, cultural appropriation), my body cooled down and my pits became completely dry.

Upon coming home, I can tell you now that there is no BO, no moisture of which to speak, and even a faint tea tree smell still. However, I have found this powder to be quite drying, and the skin around my underarms flakes off much more than it would normally. If that’s an issue for you, don’t buy this. I don’t care that much, but I’d rather it didn’t happen.

So, I’ll probably just stick to Aromaco, and keep this in my bag only for emergencies.

Buy again? Nah

Recommend to a friend? Not sure, they probably wouldn’t listen to me if I did

Rating: 2/5

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