This is Halloween: Lush Lord of Misrule Shower Cream Review

That’s right folks, it’s time to get your pumpkins out and don your best, cheap AF Wilko witch costume. It’s Halloween and that means a night of eating all things orange – and probably drinking off-coloured beverages, too, wishing you were still young enough to go trick or treating.

Lush releases a small Halloween range every year, which sticks around until Christmas. Some of the stuff – like this shower cream – is actually available all year round, because it’s so popular, but there’s a catch. You either have to pay £5 postage (the price of a chuffing bath bomb), or you have to go to the Oxford Street store. Neither of these are particularly affordable options if you’re as permanently broke as I am.

So, I present your solution: eBay the hell out of this stuff. I got a 500ml bottle for £16, but you can get smaller bottles even cheaper. I recognise this is still not a bargain – Lush stuff is always too expensive, even at half-price sale time – but it’s better than a kick in the pants. If you really want some of this.


I first laid eyes upon this in Lush Liverpool, when I was looking for something to treat myself with. I liked the smell of the shower cream, and was also strangely attracted to its bright green colour. Much the same way as I am strangely attracted to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, actually, but that’s besides the point. I can’t explain it, so let’s move on.

So, a shower cream differs from a shower gel in that it has a different texture, but is supposed to lather up in the same way. It’s much much thicker, and also opaque, but the texture is super weird:


Sorta looks like poo. Sorry Lush.

I believe it contains wheatgerm oil to make it so thick, and is supposed to be nourishing for skin. I’m not one to believe all the spiel, though, so I buy stuff based on scent alone.

Therefore, the main reason I like this is because it combines all my favourite fragrances – vanilla, patchouli, and even black pepper. Together, they create a warming but subtle aroma. It’s pleasant and complex, but not particularly strong, so I can’t detect the patchouli much. I like to smell of ALL THE THINGS, so that’s a shame.

Rub onto your skin as you would normally. At this point, it might lather up, but a lot of people reckon it doesn’t. Certainly in Poole’s hard water it doesn’t. You just get a weird green layer over your skin – so if you’re going to a party tonight dressed as Shrek, this is the perfect product for you.

Wash away into your now green-tinted bath and dry yourself off. I think my skin did feel more moisturised, but then my skin is so bloody dry anyway, I don’t think that’s too difficult to achieve. If you’re buying this for moisture, instead I would recommend one of Lush’s body conditioners, as they do a better job in my opinion. Someone compared using this product to a ‘religious experience’, which I think was definitely a bit much. Maybe join a church or mosque or something.

The scent did remain on my skin for a little while afterwards, but seemed to fade quite quickly. I don’t have a very sensitive sense of smell, though, so it may have stayed on  longer than I think. It’s quite a relaxing product, but I’m not sure it was entirely for me.

Bang, and the dirt is gone. But so is the scent.

Buy again? Yeah, if it was in the sale.

Recommend to a friend? Others seem to rave about it, so possibly

Rating: 3/5

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