T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house… you could smell this Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar (Review)

Long ass title, but I couldn’t resist.

Anyone feeling ready for Christmas yet, or still feeling broke and bah humbug? In the old days, Christmas was such an exciting time, but sadly as an adult I just get more and more broke every year. In part, that’s down to my Lush addiction, but hey ho – the Lush sale starts in a couple of days.

Another one of my half-price purchases last year was this Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, an attractive, festive blue and yellow concoction with a pretty moon and star decoration.


Nobody tell Turkey their flag was ripped off…


No, I’m kidding, they stole it from the Ottomans in the first place. Who, in turn, stole it from the Greeks.

Believing the shop spiel in big chalk letters next to the brightly-coloured bubble bar, I grabbed one without even thinking. Also, bubble bars are much better value than bath bombs, because I break mine up into 3 and get triple usage out of one product. I’m nothing if not sensible.


Admittedly, holding a chunk under the tap for 5 minutes like this isn’t as much fun as the snap, crackle and pop of a bath bomb, but your wallet will thank you for it.

It froths up as much as a small to medium amount of bog-standard bath foam would, even in Dorset’s rock-solid water. Feels a bit weird on your hands, though – it has that drying (but also deeply cleansing) effect that soap has sometimes. If you mash it up as you hold it under water, I think it makes bubbles faster, but I don’t reckon it dissolves in water quite so well. Depends how quickly you get bored, I suppose.


The water came out this nice turquoise colour, but if I’d used the whole thing it would have been far more vibrant. Right now it just looks like I’m bathing in an old chalk quarry.

Okay, so according to the interwebs its primary ingredients are jasmine, ylang ylang, and some moss. I have no idea what ylang ylang smells like, and as for the moss, I fail to understand the benefits of it. However, you can’t smell it so let’s pretend it’s not there. The jasmine smell is lovely, though – it’s like you’re bathing in a bath of jasmine tea!

I put Christmas Eve into my bath after a 4-mile trek in a snowstorm (not by volition, I might add – the buses were cancelled and/or sliding off the road during February’s ‘Beast from the East’ freak weather). It just about hit the spot – a strong yet calming scent wafted around the bathroom, warmed my freezing body, and helped my muscles to relax after a near-frostbite experience.

For hardworking folk at this time of year, it’s the perfect winter warmer and it’ll really give you some proper chill me-time this Christmas. If you’re looking to get into Lush, I’d also say it’s a good introductory product, as it has all their hallmarks without the intimidating wacky colours or overpowering scents. A solid all-rounder, this one.

Buy again? Yes

Recommend to a friend? Yes

Rating: 5/5

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