Vegan Donburi

I’ve been looking to try out new things, and I’m partially inspired by the standard white people fare at Wagamama’s. Original recipe here. Ingredients 250g brown rice 200g block of deep-fried tofu, chopped  (can buy at Chinese supermarkets, or just get that marinated tofu Cauldron sell – available in most supermarket vegetarian sections) 1 tin sliced … More Vegan Donburi

Vegan Pizza

I’ve made this a few times before and basically hated it each time. But today, I went for a new cheese – Sainsbury’s “Deliciously free from” cheddar style vegan cheese. Or as it’s otherwise known, Gary. Someone went on a big fuckoff rant about how vegans shouldn’t call it cheese because it’s not cheese, so … More Vegan Pizza

Anaab’s Chickpeas

These make for an awesome snack/lunch food/wrap filling. Simple to make, surprisingly filling and probably healthy, these are my go-to “I had a big fuckoff lunch but still want to eat something for dinner, and also I hate salad” food. Though it’s worth noting they’d probably improve a salad no end… After watching my dear … More Anaab’s Chickpeas